New Construction

Construction Process

Schneider Customer Homes will be available to answer any questions, thoughtfully and honestly, every step of the way.  We are committed to complete transparency throughout the life cycle of the project to eliminate surprises. We will hold regular meetings with you to ensure you are aware of schedule and budget. If plans do change, we will adapt accordingly to minimize disruption.  If you have a custom project in mind contact Schneider Custom Homes to begin the construction process:

Initial meeting 

·         Define wants and needs

·         Explain the design/build process

·         Establish a realistic budget range

Initial meeting with architect or designer: At this time a small retainer will be collected so we can move forward with the process.  This amount will be credited once contract price is accepted.

·         Start design phase based on initial meeting and budget range

·         Research government, local, and HOA regulations

·         Review site conditions, setbacks, and easements

·         Prepare preliminary conceptual drawings of project

Review conceptual drawings 

·         Refine conceptual drawings

·         Discuss finishing specifications

Design review and approval 

·         Review plans

·         Plan revisions

·         Acceptance of plans

·         Select finishing's

·         SCH submits final proposal and estimate

Contract documents: Once final design is approved and a final set of drawings are completed, Schneider Custom Homes will present contract documents to be signed which will include:

·         Contract price

·         A detailed scope of work and specifications

·         List of allowances

·         Any other pertinent construction documents

Schneider Custom Homes will begin construction!